Agile Tools

(ALC) Agile Learning Centers are a type of democratic school. Their educational approach is based on self-directed learning reinforced by agile management tools.

L'Ecole Agile is a member of the ALC network. The vast majority of Agile Schools are located on the American continent (New York, Atlanta, Montréal, Tampa,...) with a few located in Europe (Spain, Portugal). Agile Learning Centers have been classified as one of the top 15 most innovative schools alongside Steve Jobs school (source: Business insider,

In an Agile school, children of all ages are mixed. There is no hierarchy in knowledge or matter. No one subject is more important than the next as all learning is invaluable. At the beginning of the week, each person states their daily intentions for the week and makes any requests for support they may need.

  • The weekly schedule (set-the-week): meeting to introduce and schedule the week. Each member suggests ideas, trips, projects, classes, games, scheduled films etc… These are offerings that become possibilities or plans. These are then posted on the weekly schedule board using post-its.


  • The Daily Schedule: the kanban board outlines the daily offerings, their time and place. Again using post-its.


  • The Closing meeting: At the end of each week school members come together and share how they have used their time. The meeting focuses on encountered and surmounted difficulties and achievements. This time allows us to update the school’s life events book and assess each child’s progress. So, if a child changes school, has an interview for an internship or job we have collated the necessary written documentation detailing the child’s level and abilities.