The 3 pillars

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  1. Agility
  2. Democracy
  3. Multiage

L’Ecole Agile – The Agile School is a bilingual and school. Democratic schools have been in existence for almost 100 years. We have studied and drawn inspiration from different models worldwide, bringing a cornucopia of the best methods to our school. The first democratic school, Summerhill, was founded in 1921 in England and is still in existence. The model was copied and modified in 1969 when Sudbury Valley School was founded in the USA. There are currently over 350 democratic schools worldwide, including 40 in France. The Democratic School in Paris (l’Ecole Démocratique de Paris) is a leading support in France for developing democratic schools and related projects. Others have contributed to developing inspiring alternative schools such as Isabelle Peloux, who works on cooperative learning and “understated happiness.” Sophie Rabhi, the founder of the Children’s Farm (La Ferme des Enfants), is another great source of inspiration with her work on autonomous learning.

These schools encourage children to be both curious and spontaneous in their learning. Children will always be fulfilled as long as we allow them to experiment freely, to test, to live and to develop whatever truly catches their imagination and interest, unrestricted by time or space.