The freedom to choose: open spaces and workshops

We offer children a safe and caring environment: multi-aged and open-minded. Children are free to choose how, what, when and where they want to learn.
We offer them:
- Games: cooperative, educational and fun
- Workshops: diverse and varied
- Facilitators: freedom of choice
- Resources: freedom to learn alone, in a group or with help
- Learning: freedom to learn at their pace
We are environmentally conscious and understand the importance of sustainable development and being close to nature.

Agile Learning Centers

Our "raison d’être"

The Agile school is a place where children (aged 5 to 19) look forward to the mornings and what the day will bring. Young people’s natural curiosity is stimulated by an exciting environment, which enables them to be autonomous in their learning. We neither fix time limits, nor subject matter. Members can choose what they want to learn, alone on in a group. They will want to work on projects that both stimulate and interest them. The Agile school belongs equally to both the children and the adults. Both are members and free to participate in the school counsel, whether making suggestions or voting for change. Children have a natural inbuilt intelligence that needs nurturing. The Agile School gives them the confidence to explore and seize every opportunity available. Each child has access to a large collection of resources as well as a group of facilitators. These both encourage and stimulate learning. Children also learn through fun and games and through discussion with others - whatever their age. They learn to listen and to be listened to. They learn how to debate and how to be respectful of diversity. They learn English or French naturally. Immersed in a bilingual environment they have the choice of an English or French facilitator. They do sports and are free to move around the space at liberty. They learn about their natural environment and the world about them. Together we will create an eco-system that is both sustainable and respectful to our planet. The Agile School is the one children dream of attending.

The Agile School is the one children dream of attending.

Ecole Agile

Bilingual and Democratic School

in the French Pyrénées Orientales

145 Chemin de la Passio Vella,

66100 Perpignan

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"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn."

Benjamin Franklin

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