Admissions criteria

The Agile school welcomes members aged 6 to 19 (autonomy in reading and writing needed) A new member may integrate into the school at any point throughout the yearso long as there is a place. Age and gender balance must be respected.
We reserve the right to refuse an applicant if he is unable to fully participate in and respect the school’s program as a self-directed, autonomous member of the school community.

Tuition Fees

Private schools are not subsidised by the state. Tuition fees are payable by the member’s family in order that the school can cover all operational and management costs, as well as comply with French recognised standards.

La cotisation annuelle à l’association est de 90€ (au moment de l’inscription) et les frais de scolarité de 4100€ (soit 410 x 10 mois ou 342 x 12 mois). Il y a une réduction par enfant supplémentaire (soit 3700€ pour un 2ème enfant et 3300 pour un 3ème).
Tuition is pro-rated for students entering during the course of the year.

Admissions Process

  1. Interview: Complete an interview request form.Our admissions representative will contact you to schedule an interview. This is an opportunity for you and the prospective student/s to meet the team, see the premises and ask questions. We provide an in-depth description of our educational practices and the philosophy of the school.
  2. Enrolment: Once the interview is successfully concluded, families may take as long as they feel necessary to decide before proceeding with enrolment. Families wishing to enrol must complete the enrolment pack; pay the first month’s tuition fees and the membership fees.
  3. Two week trial period: For your child, this two week trial in our community is an opportunity to engage in the school and get the experience they need to make an informed choice regarding their integration into the Agile School. For our community, it is also a time to see if the applicant is fully on-board with our philosophy and able to fit in.
  4. Validating the prospective student’s integration: If the one month trial period is considered a success by both the applicant and the school community the registration process can be finalised.
  5. Finalising the registration process: the families must then get in touch with us and pay the tuition fees.