The Team

The Agile Facilitators

Team members are primarily learning facilitators. When called upon by another member of the school, they help and contribute their knowledge, experience and methodology to find solutions. They are there to respond to the children's curiosity and thirst for new knowledge, and accompany them in their learning process. This is done by all possible means, including the use of their networks to find resources adapted to the need and the agile methodologies of project management. They are also the guarantors of the smooth running of the school and of the respect of the internal regulations which set the framework and the democratic instances. They manage the administrative and financial aspects in order to guarantee the sustainability of the structure.

Like all members of the school including the children, they offer activities according to their interests and skills.

Facilitatrice Agile d’Apprentissage


Facilitatrice Agile d’Apprentissage


Facilitatrice Agile d’Apprentissage


Facilitatrice Agile d’Apprentissage


The President


The Secretary

Jean Claude