The Young Members

The school welcomes all pupils, aged 3 to 19. Our admissions decisions make every attempt to achieve a reasonably balanced age and gender distribution : 15 children aged 3 to 6, 15 children aged 7 to 10, 15 children aged 11 to 14, 15 children aged 15 to 19. 

Upon entering l'Ecole Agile, all members of the community must comply with The School Rules at all times. The School Rules outline the School's expectations in terms of the behaviour and personal presentation of students.

School management is self-organised as a democracy. During school board meetings, each member can suggest new rules with a view of improving daily living. The members must respect the Agile School’s rules. Members themselves verify that the rules are kept. If rules are broken, we regulate through mediation or by the means of the Tension and Resolution Council.